Choosing a Strong Password

During Sign Up, if you choose a short password, it's easy for others to guess or crack it. If you choose a long password, it's difficult for you to remember, so how can you overcome this issue?

We suggest choosing passwords of decent length if you want to remember but they must also be strong (what is a strong password, is explained below). The second solution is to choose a strong and very long password (say 30+ characters password). As long passwords are difficult to remember, you may save them in Google Sheets but you must protect your Google/Gmail account with 2-Factor Authentication and choose a very strong password for the Google/Gmail account. But what is a strong password? We suggest the following checklist to ensure your password is strong:

  1. Use lower and upper cases letters in your password
  2. There must be 15+ total number of characters in your password
  3. Use at least 4 special characters (or more). Special characters are the characters that you can type using your keyboard but are different from A-Z, a-z, and 0-9.
  4. It must not be the name of your city, school, country, etc. nor should it be your birthday, it should not be very easy to guess.

In addition to choosing a strong password, we also suggest changing it periodically. And whenever possible, do not expose the email or username in public.